Welcome to CROILLIONAIRE, the exclusive enclave for the Cronos elite who converse in Lamborghinis, not burgers! Here, we don’t dabble in pet ownership or bother with dog-sitting while the neighbour entertains his side chick – because we define wealth.

CROILLIONAIRE is where the true elite reside – those who hold steady and never flinch at the whims of the market charts every four seconds. If you’re ready to join a club where pets are a foreign concept and only the most discerning investors gather, then you’ve found your new home.

No distractions, no compromises – just pure, unadulterated wealth and exclusivity. Welcome to CROILLIONAIRE, where the elite thrive and ordinary concerns are left at the door.

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To Participate send CRO to the below Wallet
Presale Wallet:0x450D61C8A665Cb1e5e6deF10077ac9BfA3c4a679
70% Will be added to LP and Burnt
30% Team Wallet Marketing/Partnerships

Tokens 100,000,000,000
Presale: 35%
LP Pair Burnt: 35%
Buyback and Burns: 20%
Staking Pool Ready Day of Distribution: 5%
Community Airdrop: 4%
X Competition: 1%